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We present a Code Memo application. The application is similar to the same name application usual for the Sony Ericsson mobile phones and allow user to save confidential information (passwords, PINs, memos) in a safe form. However, it works under the Android platform and offers much more extensive features, such as:

  1. Suppors all Android versions (since version 1.5).
  2. Supports Android devices with high screen resolution.
  3. AES data encryption with a 256-bits key.
  4. Support of groups (up to 5 groups in a free Code Memo Lite).
  5. Automatic and manual modes of sorting of groups.
  6. Special data saving algorithm prevents your data from a damage.
  7. Full paid version allows export and import your data to a text file on an SD-card.
  8. Doesn't required any access rights (Internet access, etc), except access to a SD-card.

Try the Lite version of Code Memo to see if you like it first. The following links to Android Market will work for Android devices only.

Code Memo Lite (free version)
Code Memo (full paid version)

Try to use the following QR-codes to Android Market if you view this page from non-Android device.

Free version:Full paid version:

Installed to your Android device application can be fond under the following icon:

The name of application depends on the system language of your Android device. For English language the name of the application is Code Memo.

When you run the application for the first time, you must specify new PIN, that protects your data from an unauthorised access. Use the complex PIN, please. The application uses AES encryption, so if you forgot your PIN, you would be impossible to restore your data.

Full paid version of Code Memo allows you to backup your data to an SD-card as a text file. For security reasoh you have immediately move this text file from the SD-card to your computer. Don't forget make backup after change your data.

Main screen of apllication contains list of groups. Group - is a single data record. Group has two fields - title and details. Details can contain secret codes of credit cards, login and password information for web sites, etc.

Main screen has context menu. For access to this menu press Menu key of your Android device. This picture shows context menu of full paid version of Code Memo. The free version will not have the More menu item (that contains Export and Import commands). Add button used for creating new group. New group will added to the end of groups list. Sorting button change mode of main screen. At the next picture shows sorting mode.

There are two way for sorting - automaticaly and manualy. For automatic sorting press A...Z button at upper of the screen. For manual sorting first select group, then use Up and Down buttons for change order of selected group. Done button allows to finish sorting.

Tap to groups title will open screen with information about group. Upper line contains title of group. Rest part of screen contains details of group. For editing or deleting of group press Menu button on your Android device. This context menu contains Edit and Delete commands. Warning! If you select Delete command, group will be deleted without confirm request.

This picture shows edition screen. This screen will appear then you try to create new group or change existing group. There are no limit of length of groups title or groups details.

Next screen will appear when you select Settings command from context menu of main screen. You can change your Pin code here. In full paid version of application this screen also contains export options. First option specify characters for ends of lines in exported text file. You can choose: DOS/Windows (CR LF), Unix (LF), Mac (CR). Second option can use for append UTF-8 character BOM at the beginning of the file (need for notepad.exe).

In full paid version of application in context menu of main screen exists two commands Export and Import. Use following steps for export your data:
1) Make sure that your Android device is unplugged from computer by USB. SD-card must be accessable by applications.
2) Execute Export command. As result, in the root folder of SD-card will created new text file named codememo.txt
3) Connect your Android device to computer by USB cable and move that file from SD-card to computer. Don't forget to delete this file from SD-card.
4) By using any archiver which supports password protection, move file codememo.txt to password protected archive on computer.
Use following steps for import your data:
1) By using any text editor (for example: notepad.exe) create new text file.
2) Enter data to text file. Title of group must begin from first position of line. Lines with details must has space symbol as first character of line.
3) Repeat previous step for all groups.
4) Save file with name codememo.txt using utf-8 encoding. It is important, that the file name codememo.txt was in the lower case of characters.
5) Connect Android device to computer by USB cable and move codememo.txt to root folder of SD-card.
6) Unplug Android device from computer by USB.
7) Run CodeMemo application. Select from context menu Import command. Confirm import in dialog window. Warning! All existing data will be deleted and replaced by imported data.
8) Connect Android device to computer by USB cable and delete file codememo.txt from root folder of SD-card.